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Helping moden women implement Ayurveda & Yoga into their busy lifestyles in a way that works for them.

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Divine Body Wisdom Book

Divine Body Wisdom is for insight-seekers, life-long learners, and those ready to choose a new path inspired by ancient ways. In our fast-paced world the rhythms of the sun, the moon and the seasons can often go unnoticed, but they affect us all. This book is here to help you connect with these rhythms and understand their impact, using Ayurveda- 'the wisdom of life'- as your guide.

Learn how to slow down and tune in to your body's natural rhythms to live a more cyclical and seasonal life. Discover how to harness your energy during the different phases of the lunar or menstrual cycle in each of the four seasons. Explore a new way of being: now is the time to trust your divine body wisdom.

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Ayurvedic 1 Day Retreat

Inner Wisdom Retreat was created to help you have a day to recharge, renew and leave feeling rejuvenated. You might be coming into the Fall season feeling scattered, stressed and overwhelmed with decision fatigue. Kids starting back at school, summer coming to an end and now you have the holidays just around the corner. Now is the time to ground your energy, become present in your life and feeling confident you can stay in balance all season long.

You will leave the retreat with vata pacifying self-care practices that you can implement into your daily life that won't take hours to complete. You will have guided yoga and meditations you can turn to all season long to find your inner balance. If you've been feeling stressed out, and stuck in your head it's time to make space for you again. This retreat is for you if you know you struggle with seasonal shifts and have a tough time finding your routines especially in the Fall season. It's for both experienced Ayurvedic seekers and newbies to Ayurveda.

The retreat is September 11th from 9-5pm in Cannon Falls, MN. There is optional overnight lodging available at a first come first serve basis. We are keeping it to 12 participants so we can have an intimate experience and are 1/3 sold out. Lunch is provided so you don't have to worry about any of the details, you just need to show up and be you. Register today to make sure you reserve your spot.

Sept. 11th

1:1 Ayurvedic Coaching

A 3 month program to help you balance your hormones and understand how to listen to your body. 

Gone are the days of  weighing yourself daily, counting your macros and doing workouts you hate! 

Learn how to tune into your inner bodies wisdom using Ayurveda as your guide.

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Divine Body Wisdom

Learn how to slow down, tune in and trust yourself again.

Book Reviews

I've found the book to be full of wonderful wisdom! I'm still going through it and incorporating different aspects of it into my life. It is so full of ideas that are new to me and I am excited to try these things out and see what works for me, in my life and in my world, right now.  Thank you so much for being willing to put in the work and share your knowledge.


Andrea does such an incredible job of teaching the reader how to listen to their inner knowing, that intuition lies within each of us that many of us were taught to not trust or to ignore. Andrea walks you through how to tune in and how to live a life where you're in charge and not a victim to another diet or exercise fad that may be keeping you out of alignment with your highest self.


I love this book. It's one I've found myself coming back to throughout the month. I notice the subtle changes in my energy and look to the book for practices to tap into at that season and phase I'm currently in. I highly recommend if you want to start living a more intentional life.